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In 1998 working with the APGA, we developed a commercial insurance program to meet the unique needs of public gardens. The program is available to APGA members country wide and is provided by insurance carriers that have AM Best ratings of A or higher. In addition, we have available risk management services that are designed to address the exposures you daily encounter.

To address these needs, Berends Hendricks Stuit Insurance Agency has developed a program for public gardens. Our public garden Team consists of Sharon Van Loon as Team Leader, Kelly Perez as Account Coordinator, Kevin Roehling as Safety & Loss Prevention Specialist, Chris Ensley as Claims Specialist, Brenda Schaub, Carol VanSolkema and Heidi Hofstra as Account Managers.

As an APGA member, you benefit from comprehensive coverages,
group purchasing power, prompt, responsive service and a team of professionals who understand your individual institution and provide solutions that really make sense.

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Commercial Insurance Services

We customize the insurance to meet your institution's needs.

Commercial Package
  • Coverage for plant collections & property in the open
  • Unlimited glass coverage
  • Earthquake & flood coverage
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Business interruption & extra expense
  • Volunteers and Board Members as additional insureds
  • Liquor liability coverage
  • Herbicide/pesticide pollution liability
  • Pollution liability
  • Fuel storage tanks
Fine Arts
  • Blanket coverage for art and collections owned, consigned
       or on exhibition
  • Breakage coverage
  • International exhibitions
  • Market value settlement, including depreciation
Crime Coverage
  • Dishonesty
  • Computer fraud
  • ERISA coverage
Commercial Auto

Workers Compensation
  • Repatriation & endemic disease
  • Extended to volunteers
Special Events Coverage
  • Coverage available to those who lease your facility
Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment practices liability coverage
  • Third party discrimination
  • Fiduciary liability
Foreign Liability
  • Package including general liability, employers liability,
       auto liability
Customized Premium Payment Plans
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Claims Services

You know that insurance claims can be costly and your claim history has an impact on your insurance premium. We will work to resolve your claims quickly and fairly. To keep you informed of the progress, we will:
  • Assist in developing processes and procedures
       to respond to claims.
  • Conduct regular meetings with insurers to review open claims    and assist in developing resolution strategies.
  • Provide regular progress reports on claims.
  • Monitor reserves for appropriate accuracy, review payments,    negotiate close of inactive claims
  • Assist in analyzing claim history for trends and coordinate loss     control services.
  • Track the progress of subrogated claims until recoveries are     obtained or efforts exhausted.
Workers' compensation claims services
Claims involving work-related injuries have a direct impact on your Workers Compensation premium. The paid and reserved loss amounts
are used to calculate your Experience Mod Factor that becomes part
of the premium calculation.

Some of the services we offer are:
  • Negotiate the closing of inactive claims prior to the calculation    of the mod by the statistical rating bureau.
  • Verify the accuracy of your Experience Modification Factor by     checking for correct payroll, appropriate employee     classification and accurate claim data.
  • Work with the statistical rating bureau to obtain corrections to     the experience mod when required.
  • Assist clients in appropriate post-loss communications/action     with employees. An example of this service is implementing a    return-to-work program.
  • Identify and establish a relationship with an occupational     medical clinic to provide care to injured workers.
Risk Management for Cultural Institutions & Public Gardens

Cultural Institutions and Public Gardens have unique risk management needs. Thousands of visitors lead to opportunities for slip, trip and fall accidents. Your employees may be outside in the winter when they could get frost bite and during the summer when bee stings and heat exhaustion can be an issue. Let's not forget special events, a gift shop, volunteers, fine art and children's gardens. As you can see, your organization has a strong need for specialized services from a consultant who has the experience and knowledge to handle the complex and different needs of gardens.

At Berends Hendricks Stuit, continually strive to find the right solutions for your organization by providing training, communication materials, comprehensive risk management evaluations and foster communication between staff and management to support the mission of reducing accidents, injuries and incidences at your institution.

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